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  • YES -- if your company wants more profits(!)

  • YES -- if most of your profits come from under 30 products or services

  • YES -- if you are a nonprofit who solicits donors and wants additional ways to grow funds

  • NO -- if you sell primarily custom-built products/services

  • NO -- if you sell a catalog full of products where none are significantly more important to your profits than others

  • YES -- if you'd like to have a quick and easy process to use for the rest of your career -- that will let you pick the best prices with confidence!

Your Instructor

Marlene Jensen

Dr. Marlene Jensen is a leader in pricing strategy. 1) Dr. Jensen's pricing research has been published in a leading academic journals. 2) Jensen was the CEO of Pricing Strategy Associates for 12 years, consulted for Food Network, CBS and ABC, as well as tested prices for more than 40 startups and small businesses. 3) She has authored four books on pricing: Setting Profitable Prices, Pricing Psychology Report, How to Raise Prices -- Without Losing Sales, and The Tao of Pricing. 4) Dr. Jensen has lead pricing seminars for business professionals, and has taught it to university students for 16 years.

What do you get with this course?

  • 10 lessons (19 videos totaling 73 minutes)

  • 6 EASY, reusable spreadsheets -- to grab profitable info from your competitors

  • 2 Downloadable fact sheets -- details for setting up price tests

  • PRICING PSYCHOLOGY REPORT -- Dr. Jensen's 54-page book which will take your pricing skills even higher

  • BEST OF ALL! We know you may still have questions about your specific pricing situation. So this course entitles you to 40 minutes of Dr. Jensen's time. She'll answer your pricing questions unique to your business or nonprofit.

Course curriculum

  1. 2
    • Your Competitors' Prices vs. Yours

  2. 3
    • Competitor Analysis Worksheet for PRODUCTS

    • How-To video for filling out the PRODUCT competitor worksheet

  3. 4
    • Competitor Analysis for SERVICES

    • How-To video for filling out the SERVICES competitor worksheet

  4. 5
    • Competitor Analysis for ADS/SPONSORSHIPS

    • How-To video for filling out the ADS/SPONSORSHIPS competitor worksheet

  5. 6
    • Competitor Analysis for NONPROFITS

    • How-To video for filling out the NONPROFITS competitor worksheet

  6. 7
    • How to Mine Your Competitors' Add-Ons for Profitability

  7. 8
    • Using "Comparison Prices" to Increase Profitability

  8. 9
    • How PERFORMANCE Risk Should Change Your Pricing

    • How SOCIAL/PSYCHOLOGICAL Risk Should Change Your Pricing

  9. 10
    • Rating How "Desirable" Your Offering is vs. Your Competitors'

    • Worksheet for Analyzing Benefits/Negatives

    • How-To Video on Filling Out Benefits/Negatives Worksheet

  10. 11
    • Choosing Your Best Price Position

    • Ramifications of Your Price Position Choice

    • Final Worksheet -- Narrowing Your Price Range Choices

    • How-To Video for Filling Out the Final Worksheet

  11. 12
    • Pricing Psychology

    • Your Free Copy of Pricing Psychology Report

  12. 13
    • Price Testing -- Everyone Watch This

  13. 14
    • How to test prices online

    • How-To Details for online price testing

  14. 15
    • Price Testing if most of your sales are off line

    • How-To Details for Testing OFFLINE

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